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About Us

Voices of Chance Animal League


Voices of Chance Animal League (VOCAL) is dedicated to the loving memory of Chance. Chance was an elderly, abandoned, lab-mix that was living her last days at a shelter. She was adopted by the Wyches, the founders of VOCAL, and lived her last five incredible years loving and being loved by her adoptive family.

“Chance was my inspiration to learn more about shelter animals, who they are and where they come from.  This knowledge led me to begin to learn more about all animals and how we, as humans, treat them.  This inspired our desire to help make a positive difference in their lives.”  Angie Wyche

Due to the success of Leon Counties Animal Care Ordinance revision in 2017 our Breaking the Chains Program has been redesigned to provide free, compliant DIY Freedom Fencing, doghouses & indoor kennels for dogs living their lives at the end of a chain. We can provide safe, humane alternatives to low income families in Leon County, allowing their dogs the freedom to run and play, sometimes for the first time in many years. We believe encouraging responsible animal care with an emphasis on spay and neuter greatly reduces over-population and neglect.

VOCAL provides these needed services through fund raising events set in place by our Founders and through donations by both corporate sponsors and individuals that believe in our mission. Together we can be their voice!

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